Review: Sharpie Pen Purple

Sharpie PenTo this day, my original Sharpie Pen post has been one of the most well received posts on The Pen Addict.  The folks at Sharpie really knocked one out of the park with this pen, and it remains one of my favorites.  The original four colors were your basic black, blue, green, and red, but many months ago they added purple and orange to the 6-pack of colors offered.  When I first saw them online, I could have purchased them from or any of the other big online retailers, but I figured my local Staples would carry them soon enough.  So I waited.  And waited.  And waited some more, until finaly a few weeks ago they started carrying the 6-pack with the colors I really wanted to try - purple and orange.

There isn't much new to add on top of what has already been said about this pen all over the internet - it does its job wonderfully.  The lines are crisp and sharp, the ink doesn't bleed, and the tip is surprisingly durable for a plastic tip pen.  I love this shade of purple, and the orange - which I will likely review another day - is very vibrant.  I mentioned on my wish list in the written review that I would like to see more colors, plus be able to purchase the non-black and blue colors separately.  Hopefully that is in the works at Sharpie HQ.  I did notice in @sharpiesusan's Twitter feed that there may be a Sharpie Pen RT (I'm assuming that means retractable) in the works, which is a good sign that Sharpie believes they have a winner on their hands and will continue to support this product line.  I sure hope so.

Click Here for the XL review.

Posted on July 6, 2009 .