Review: Pilot P-500 Precise Gel Roller

Sharpie PenThe Pilot P-500 is a pen I just cannot get into.  I remember when they first came out years ago that I didn't really care for them, but several readers have mentioned that it is one of their favorites, so I bought a fresh batch at Staples recently to try out again.  Unfortunately, the end result was the same.

The overall writing experience with the P-500 seems a little bit off to me.  The thing I dislike the most about this pen is the inconsistency of the line.  It just doesn't give off that sharp look that I like, especially for a needle point pen.  In retrospect, looking at the written review it is not really noticeable, but the feel and feedback when writing are different in a way that is hard to quantify.  And honestly, the pen is just ugly.  Consider me not a fan of the design.

For a company that makes the best liquid ink needle point pen on the market in the Pilot Precise V5, I expect a little more from its gel pen counterpart.  Hopefully the readers who like this pen will tell me what I am missing.

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Posted on July 9, 2009 .