Review: Tombow OnBook Clip Friendly Ballpoint Pen

Tombow OnBookIt is the simple things in life that make me happy, and if you couldn't tell by now, a good pen is one of them.  Especially when one that I had zero expectations for really shines.  The Tombow OnBook Clip really impressed me with its comfort, smooth writing, and functionality.

This pen is marketed as a portable pen, made to be attached to a notebook, journal, calendar, or any paper product of your choice when not in use.  When I initially ordered it, I was expecting not to like the flat side of the pen (JetPens calls it "slightly triangular"), but when I tested it out, I was happy that it was very comfortable to write with.  My thumb sat perfectly on the flat side, with my index and ring finger resting nicely on the rounded side of the barrel.

As always, what good is a great looking pen without it performing well when put to the test.  This is another area where I was pleasantly surprised with the Tombow OnBook Clip.  If you check out the XL photo link below, you will see how solid and clean the black ballpoint ink is.  Nary a glob of ink or white streak to be found.  It also didn't take much pressure to put the line down, which is a problem I have with some ballpoints.

Did I mention the barrel color is Cocoa Brown?  I couldn't really pass that up, now could I?  I am very pleased with this pen, with my only minor quibble being the button to retract the ink cartridge.  You click the cap down to expose the cartridge, but then have to click the button on the barrel to retract it back in.  No big deal, but kind of pointless.  I can't tell you how many times I have tried to click the top of the pen to retract it so far.  I'm finally coming around to pushing the button though.

JetPens has much better photos than I could muster of the pen attached to a planner, so check out the full gallery right here.

Click here for the XL review.

Posted on January 18, 2010 .