Review: Sharpie Pen Grip

Sharpie Pen GripI have been holding off reviewing the new Sharpie Pen Grip for a few weeks now in an effort to get some good quality writing time with it, and to avoid rushing to judgment about the pen and getting burned like I did with the Sharpie Pen RT.  The RT ended up being not so hot, with the tips on several of mine hardening up in a very short period of time.  Is the Grip the best of the bunch, or is it heading down the path of the RT?

First of all, what is different about this pen compared to the first two versions?  The Grip has just that - a rubber grip.  The original Sharpie Pen had no true grip area to speak of, and even had a very sharp edge around the grip area that was a problem for some people.  The RT, on the other hand, not only added a rubber grip, but based on the barrel diameter, almost made the grip too wide.  The Grip slimmed down the rubber grip area to a more traditional diameter, and the feel is just right (I feel like I am heading into Goldilocks and the Three Bears territory here).

The overall design of the Grip is excellent, with a torpedo shape that isn't as wide as the RT, and again more along traditional pen sizings.  The silver cap and butt end of the pen really pop against the molded black plastic barrel, which is a carryover from the RT, but a great improvement on the paint peeling barrel of the original.  The one thing I don't have nailed down with this pen yet is the feel.  It is so lightweight, yet balanced, it is like no other pen I have tried.  It's almost like you are holding a piece of balsa wood or solid foam to write with.  It is kind of neat, but I can't help but think about the weight of the pen every time I pick it up.

So which is the best Sharpie Pen of the three?  I can tell you which one it isn't - the Sharpie Pen RT.  But I think I still need more time with the Sharpie Pen Grip to see if it can oust the original Sharpie Pen from the top spot.

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Posted on January 20, 2010 .