Review: Pilot Acroball 0.7mm Blue

Pilot AcroballI reviewed an 0.7mm black Pilot Acroball this past summer, and I recently picked up and reviewed the Americanized version - called the Pilot Easy Touch Pro, but I think this blue ink 0.7mm Acroball is the best of the bunch.

Anytime I have reviewed this pen, I always mention how much I like the barrel design.  It has the proper feel and weight, and the grip is fantastic.  Seeing a few of the Pilot G-2 elements in the design, I would love it if the G-2 was updated to this style and grip.  How long has the G-2 been around in its current form?  Even the Pilot G-Knock BeGreen (the eco-friendly G-2) has a better barrel.  Sorry for the digression, but this is simple barrel design done right.

As nice as the barrel is, the writing performance really shines.  Generally with gel or liquid ink pens, I prefer black ink, but with ballpoints and other hybrids, I choose blue more often than not.  The blue ink of the Pilot Acroball is a great color, and lays down perfectly clean and smooth.  I think the only other similar pen I use more is the Uni-Ball Jetstream Basic Series 0.5mm blue.  If that isn't enough, this pen will only set you back $2.25, so if you like the Jetstream, the Acroball is definitely worth checking out.

Click here for the XL review.

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Posted on January 4, 2010 .