A Letter to Pilot Pen

Christopher Jorgensen from jackassletters.com writes letters to companies of all types.  Some are positive, some not so much, but it is all done in fun and posted on Christopher's website.  Here is a recent one to Pilot Pen that readers of The Pen Addict might enjoy:

Dear Pilot Pen,

I must apologize for typing this letter. If you saw my handwriting you'd understand why it is necessary (my girlfriend makes fun of it and calls it "Christopher at 5" and I have to admit it looks like a doctor's or serial killer's).

Anyway, I do a lot of singing of letters. Sometimes three or four a day. Previously I used a Papermate Flexgrip Ultra Medium point pen to sign all my letters. That pen doesn't have the best flow, but the ink looks good on paper and it doesn't really smudge much. Recently, I ended up using one of your Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine pens and I have to say, not only is it a more stylish pen, it also glides across the page effortlessly and doesn't smudge at all! I'm using it nearly exclusively!

This pen is great, but this got me thinking that there might be something better out there, so I started to do some research on the internet, and I had no idea there were so many pen nuts out there! There are whole sites dedicated to nothing but pen reviews. Before using the Precise V5 Extra Fine pen I would have never understood how a person could get so excited about a pen.

I love this pen and am going to use it to sign this letter!


Christopher L. Jorgensen
And here is Pilot's response (click on the image for the full size):Pilot
Pilot even threw in four new Pilot Precise V5 pens to boot!  Thanks Christopher for sharing this.  You can check out his letter to Sharpie, as well as a ton more at jackassletters.com.

Posted on January 5, 2010 .