Review: Morning Glory Mach Pen II 0.4mm Violet

Morning Glory Mach PenThe Morning Glory Mach Pen II is a relatively new addition to the JetPens lineup in the past couple of months.  Aside from a very nice price point ($1.55 each), the Mach Pen II boasts that it can write over 5000 meters on one tank of ink.  I don't know anyone who has the time to fully test out that claim - I sure don't - but I did put this pen through the regular paces and it performed very nicely.

In looking at the pen, the comparisons to the Pilot Precise V5 are apt.  The overall design and feel are similar between the two, with a few minor cosmetics being the main difference.  From a writing perspective, the Mach Pen II held its own.  I feel that it is slightly scratchier than the V5, and may have a little more bleed, but both of those things are very marginal.  There were no huge setbacks with this pen that would keep me from using it.  The violet color came out deeper in the photo than I experienced when writing.  I felt that the shade was a little light, but good enough.

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Posted on January 6, 2010 .