Review: Pentel Rolly C4 0.7mm Ballpoint Multi Pen

Pentel RollyThe Pentel Rolly C4 multi pen was a purchase from a recent visit to Staples.  Reminiscent of the famous Bic 4-Color ballpoint multi pen, the C4 sports the same four basic colors - black, blue, red, green - but in a much upgraded barrel.  Unfortunately, the barrel is the highlight of the show.

Pentel did a nice job with the overall look and design of the pen, and that is actually what lead me to grab it off the shelf in the first place.  I normally wouldn't have a place in my arsenal for a basic ballpoint multi pen, but this one looked cool, and was reasonably priced around $5.  One of the other things that caught my attention was that the ink cartridges were 0.7mm as opposed to the 1.0mm you would usually find in a pen like this.  The rubber grip is a nice added touch, and the silver barrel color looks great against the clear blue plastic.

When you get right down to it though, the writing experience is nothing special.  It writes cleanly enough, but the ballpoint cartridges are pretty basic.  The black and blue ink do a nice job, but the red and green are too light for my tastes.  The pen does write very cleanly, so if you are a ballpoint pen fan you might like this.  For me, this is another pen where I am going to see what other types of ink cartridges I can fit into this nice barrel.

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Posted on February 1, 2010 .