Review: Zebra Expandz 0.7mm Ballpoint

Zebra ExpandzOffice supply stores have shied away in recent years from allowing users to test out very many pens.  I understand to a degree that it could get a little bit out of control, and also that companies have moved to selling pens and pencils in multi packs instead of individually, but it is always nice to try before you buy.  A few months ago, my local Staples brought back a pen testing area on the pen aisle that allowed you to test out three or four different pens, and the Zebra Expandz was one of them.  Well, I obviously came home with one, so does that tell you how effective these pen testing areas can be?

Honestly, I would have never purchased this pen if I wasn't able to try it out first.  I like Zebra pens a lot, but I'm just not an everyday user of ballpoints, so I really didn't need to add this one to my collection.  The Expandz aspect of the pen did interest me though, and once I got to put it to the test I felt how nice it really is.  The barrel is very sturdy and has a nice weight to it, and when expanded, it becomes a normal length pen.  There is no cap on the pen, but the sliding of the barrel in and out exposes and hides the ballpoint ink cartridge.  It is a very sooth transition.

From a writing perspective it does a nice job.  There is nothing I hate more than light ballpoint inks, and this ink is plenty dark, and smooth writing to boot.  I wish I could tell you how much I paid for this, but I no longer have my receipt, and is impossible to search.  Prices on the internet are wide ranging, but I'm thinking I paid in the $6-7 range for it.  Certainly it was less that $10 - that is a price point I wouldn't have crossed.

I have added this pen to my ever increasing portable pen collection.  The Zebra Expandz would work great in a backpack, purse (or manbag - you know who you are), car, or anywhere you need to take a quality pen on the go.

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Posted on February 3, 2010 .