Review: Zebra Regal Roller NR5 0.5mm Needle Tip

Zebra Regal Roller NR5Thanks to the fine folks at Zebra Pens, I have a slew of samples from their new 2010 product lines in hand, and the Regal Roller stood out as the first that I wanted to try.  The design of this pen is beautiful, and I am glad to see Zebra stepping it up a notch in that department.  Their previous designs chose minimalism over flash, and while that serves many of their products well, it is nice to see them branch out a little with the Regal line.

Not only is this a great looking pen, it may be one of the smoothest writing liquid ink needle tip pens I have used.  That is saying a lot when comparing it to similar pens like the Pilot Precise V5, which is hugely popular and successful.  I tend to get a little excited about new products and ooh and ahh a bit, and maybe cut the pens more slack than I would if I had spent months and months using them, but I could tell a difference with this pen immediately.  I started writing with it and had to stop after a few lines to check and make sure that this wasn't a gel ink pen, because that is what it felt like.  It wrote so well it confused me a little bit.

If there is one knock on the pen, I have to say it would be the grip area.  It is not the same smooth plastic that the barrel is made of, but rather a section of brushed plastic with some small ridges.  It isn't bad, and the more I used it the more I got used to it, but I would have preferred just the same plastic as the barrel, but maybe that is too V5 like.

I can't wait for this pen to hit the store shelves so I can pick up a few more.  Best part - It comes in eight colors: the standard black, blue, red, and green, plus pink, light blue, orange and brown.  I love the fact that these colors are available right out of the gate instead of wondering if there are any non-standard colors in the pipeline.

Thanks again to Zebra for sending me this pen to review, and stay tuned for more new Zebra product reviews in the coming weeks.

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Posted on February 15, 2010 .