Review: Muji Gel Retractable 0.38mm Orange

Muji GelMy great pen friend Carmen hooked me up with a bunch of Muji Gel ink pens a few months ago, and I am just now getting the time to break them all down.  She was kind enough to send several different colors (plus extra refills) that I haven't used before, including this great looking orange.

One of the cool things about the Muji refills it that includes the entire ink cartridge, plus the plunger.  So what you see in orange in the picture to the left is the full refill.  The plunger cap serves as the tip cover until you are ready to pop it in the barrel, where you take it off and snap it into the other side of the cartridge.  This makes having several colors available for easy swapping a decent option.  The clear barrels are nice and sturdy, making them my preferred Muji option over the regular capped Muji Gel, which is a more lightweight option.

On the performance side of the ledger, it doesn't get much better.  If you read the written review, you will see that I compare this pen favorably to the Uni-Ball Signo RT 0.38mm gel ink pen.  I think the comparison is spot on.  If I closed my eyes I would have a tough time telling the difference I think.  The Muji may be a little more scratchy, but the trade off is fair in my book for such a sharp line.

I will work on getting samples up of the other Muji Gel colors that I have.  They are all as equally nice as this one.

Click here for the XL review.

Posted on February 17, 2010 .