Review: Rotring Core Eternium Rollerball

Rotring Core

I have spied the Rotring Core Eternium Rollerball for sale on several pen sites over the past year or two, and I finally bit the bullet and ordered one from Goldspot Pens when I ordered my Fisher Space Pen.  I don't think the design is for everyone (that's probably why it was marked down), but I thought it was pretty cool and interesting looking, so on its way to me it came.

While I like the design of the pen, I could tell the real issue with it pretty early on.  The barrel is made from plastic and a very lightweight aluminum, but as you can probably tell from the picture, the cap is very large, and unfortunately a little too heavy for the rest of the pen.  With the cap posted, the pen was off balance.  I even felt sometimes that is was going to flip over the back of my hand while writing if I wasn't careful.  It was a very odd feeling.  With the cap unposted, the barrel is almost too light to write with.  I don't necessarily mind a light barrel, but I prefer the pen skinnier if it is.

The ink cartridge wasn't especially impressive either, but that didn't bother me because I was planning on switching it out very soon anyway.  I may hold off for now unless I get more used to writing with it.  This is one of those pens that may require some time to break in and get comfortable with.

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Posted on May 17, 2010 .