So, what am I missing?

I like to check in from time to time with Pen Addict readers to see what I can do to further improve the experience here at  I always have a rolling list of things I would like to do with this site, but my greatest enemy - time - has kept me from implementing a lot of those ideas.

One simple thing that I am going to try to do better with is to add blow up shots for each pen I review.  I actually took the photo for my recent Rotring Core Eternium review, but got so busy I forgot to add it to the post.  Here it is for posterities sake:

Rotring Core 

It is little things like that one extra photo that I would like to improve on.  What type of things would you like to see me add to the site?  Feel free to hit me with your ideas in the comments section, Twitter, or drop me an email using the address on the sidebar.  I will take everything under consideration and will do my best to try and add a few new twists to my reviews.

Posted on May 19, 2010 .