Ohto Fine Fountain Pen Review

Ohto Fine Fountain Pen

There is no doubt that the Ohto Fine is a beautiful fountain pen. Long, sleek lines, sharp chrome accents, and a few curves for added visual effect. But functionality is the most important thing for me when using and reviewing a pen, and that is where the Ohto Fine falls short.

I have had great success with other Ohto pens I have reviewed, so I was surprised to be let down by this one. First of all, the length and weight of the pen with the cap posted makes it top heavy when writing. This leads to balance issues, and eventually writing fatigue if you use this pen for long periods of time. I didn’t make it that far due to my second issue with the pen - nib alignment.

I am not a fountain pen expert by any stretch, so it took me some time to figure out. The pen was very scratchy when making certain strokes, and upon closer inspection, the nib appears to be mis-aligned. It is very slight and hard to see, but one side of the nib is higher than the other. I could probably adjust it for slightly better performance, but by this point I was disillusioned with it.

The final issue - and one that will vary between user - is the grip section. Ohto may have gotten too aggressive with the design on this one, because the sharp curve of the barrel hits me right where I grip the pen. That angle cut digs right in to my fingers, and again limits the length of time I can write with it.

At $22.00, it isn’t going to break the bank, but there are better options in the same price range - the Lamy Safari comes to mind immediately. Sorry Ohto, three strikes and you’re out!

Posted on October 10, 2011 and filed under Fountain Pens, Ohto, Pen Reviews.