Ink Links

-- JetPics - May 2011 Favorite - Shawn Granger  (JetPens)

-- Rad and Hungry: Japanese Kit  (Notebook Loves Pen)

-- Notes Left Behind  (VISION)

-- NSS Retrospective  (Quo Vadis Blog)

-- Magna Tank Comparison Part 2 – 3 Times the Ink?  (Office Supply Geek)

-- Review: Lamy Joy Calligraphy Fountain Pen 1.1 mm Nib Width  (Gourmet Pens)

-- Pipeline RailsConf Illustration  (Rohdesign)

-- What's New at Rhodia  (Pocket Blonde)

-- Ручка Pentel BK 250  (

-- Copic Drawing Pen with Waterproof Ink – 0.2 mm – Black  (No Pen Intended)

-- i've got a pen in my pocket does that make me a writer?  (Andrea Joseph Sketchblog)

-- My first pen show  (Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Twenty-Something DIYer)

-- Is it finally time for a Graph Webbie?  (Rhodia Drive)

-- Review of the Nomadic Wise-Walker Messenger Bag  (Hudson Valley Sketches)

-- Turns out I do collect pens  (Alchemical Thoughts)

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