Pentel Hybrid Gel Roller 0.7mm Review

Pentel Hybrid Gel Roller

One of the best parts about running a site like The Pen Addict is that you get to hear from a lot of readers about their favorite pens, pencils, and stationery. Even more fun is when they actually send you their products to try out, like Pen Addict reader Joshua, who sent me this now discontinued Pentel Hybrid Gel Roller. Thanks for letting me give this pen a spin Joshua!

One of the reasons he sent it to me is that he was looking for a pen recommendation to replace this one. The Hybrid Gel Roller is a long, sleek, 0.7mm gel ink pen, and Joshua was wanting something similar. My first thought was the Pilot Choose, which has a similar barrel design, but then it hit me. The Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip at JetPens is pretty much he same pen, but with an 0.8mm tip. That being said, Joshua stepped out of the box and tried a few of the more popular gel ink pens like the Uni-Ball Signo DX and the Zebra Sarasa Clip (I think the Signo DX 0.38mm was his favorite btw :).

So, what are my thoughts on Joshua's Hybrid Gel Roller? It's just average. The ink is nice and dark, but it wasn't near as smooth as other 0.7mm gel in pens I have used in the past. It wasn't scratchy, but it felt like the tip dragged across the page as opposed to gliding like most other similar pens. I did like the length of the barrel when writing, but the overall package just wasn't there for me.

Thanks for sending me this pen Joshua - it is much appreciated! I actually have another user submitted pen review ready to roll on Wednesday, so if you have a favorite pen that I haven't reviewed previously please let me know and I'll try to pick one up.

Posted on May 23, 2011 and filed under Hybrid, Pen Reviews, Pentel.