Parker Jotter Ballpoint Review

Parker Jotter

Get the pitchforks and torches ready!

The Parker Jotter is one of the most famous pens in production today. It has been a bestseller for over 50 years and many non-pen people are familiar with its beautiful design. I love the design myself. It is good looking, compact, portable, and built to last. The problem I have with the Parker Jotter is the writing experience.

When I pick up a pen to write with I don’t want to spend the entire time with it in my hand thinking about what if feels like and what it looks like on the page. With the Jotter, I was constantly concerned with the scraping I felt where the ball meets the tip. I don’t hold the pen at an extreme angle when writing - I’d say I’m more vertical than most - but I repeatedly felt a slight scrape when making certain strokes. If I held the pen in a more vertical position I had a much smoother writing experience.

Am I being too harsh on this all-time classic? Probably, but the little things matter. Especially when you take your writing instruments as seriously as I do.

So, does anyone have a great Parker Jotter hack they would like to share?

Posted on January 18, 2012 and filed under Jotter, Parker, Pen Reviews.