Pentel EnerGel X 0.5 mm Blue Review

Pentel EnerGel

(This is a guest review by Brian Draghi. You can follow Brian on Twitter @sketchscape)

I have been using the capped Pentel EnerGel Euro Needle version of this pen with some excellent results. I wanted to try out the retractable version for work to write down quick notes without having to worry about losing the cap. The Pentel EnerGel X retractable pen exceeded my expectations with it's comfortable grip and smooth, quick writing quality.

Needle points make all the difference in the world, and this pen is no exception. At first glance, this pen looks very generic with its disposable plastic body like many office brand pens. Looks are really deceiving here, as this pen's writing quality writing is smooth and works consistently every time. This is also is ideal for anyone with larger hands as it's slightly longer than most plastic body pens and the grip feels just right. It also works quite effectively for any of the left handed writers out there. The ink usually dries in about 4 to 5 seconds without any noticeable smearing on the page.

If you happen to be writing long notes for work or school, then this pen is for you. The EnerGel X has a latex-free Comfort Zone grip that is extremely comfortable for long writing sessions. Your hand smoothly glides across the page without any strain or any noticeable effort needed.  The clip is made out of the same plastic material as the pen body and is sturdy and wide enough to hold effectively in the pocket of your shirt. The top retractable plunger is slightly wider then most pens making it easier to extend and retract.

Pentel EnerGel


I really can't say enough about this pen because it just works perfectly. This is the one pen I would recommend to any college student that prefers taking hand written notes over using a laptop or other device. Personally, I tend to remember my hand written notes better than I would anything typed on my laptop, so something like this pen is ideal. The only thing I would like is if Pentel would make a retractable .35 needle point version of this pen similar to the Euro Needle version. I can’t imagine loving this pen even more but a smaller point would probably do the trick.


4.5 out of 5 pens 


- Smooth writing
- Comfortable grip
- Quick drying ink for Left handers
- Super cheap
- Ideal for larger hands


- Generic plastic body
- Needs a .35 needle point

Posted on January 20, 2012 and filed under Energel, Pen Reviews, Pentel.