2013 Atlanta Pen Show Recap - Part 1

The day I had been planning for since January finally arrived this past Saturday - it was Atlanta Pen Show time! My shopping list was ready, my car was fueled, and my bank account was emptied as I made my way an hour and a half north to the show.

I wanted to get there early because it was imperative I got in the queue for Mike Masuyama, lest I be there all day waiting for the nib work I wanted done. I arrived at 9:45 and put my name on the list. I was already 8th in line. Oh well, time for shopping!

As soon as I turned from Mike Masuyama's table, here comes Lisa Anderson from Anderson Pens to give me a big welcoming hug. I was happy to meet her right out the gate and her enthusiasm helped set the tone for what would be a great day. She is a real joy to talk to, as is Brian, who I met as he manned the four packed Anderson Pens tables.

Esterbrook J 9550

One of my goals this show was to purchase an Esterbrook from Brian. He went through the various models and nibs and I settled on a beautiful blue Esterbrook J and swapped in a 9550 (EF) nib. I also picked up a couple of bottles of ink I wanted to try out, including the interesting Scribal Work Shop Cryptid Siren Blue.

After the Andersons, I made my way around the remainder of the show, making sure I gave every table a good once-over before making my next purchase. Right when I was rounding the last corner of the second ballroom I spotted a few Edison Pens. Many dealers stocked the Production Line Edison pens but I happened upon a single Signature Line Pearl snuck between a few others. I inquired on what turned out to be a blue/black swirl ebonite Edison Pearl, the price was good, and it was mine.

Edison Pearl Blue/Black Swirl Ebonite

During my lap around the show I checked out dozens of Parker 51's. I was pretty sure one would be coming home with me, but I never found the perfect match. Many were in rough shape, and I had been spoiled already by the one Thomas loaned me. So, I passed on the 51, but a different Parker caught my eye - the Vacumatic.

To be continued ...

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