2013 Atlanta Pen Show Recap - Part 2

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One thing I have learned about fountain pens is that I don't want to buy without doing my homework. This sounds like common sense, but often times I get caught up in the moment, which is exactly why I went to the pen show with a plan. The Vacumatic was not part of that plan. Once I saw the amber glow of of this 3rd generation Silver Pearl model the plan changed quickly.

Parker Vacumatic

There were nearly as many Vacumatics available at the pen show as there were 51's, so I went into full research mode. The one I liked turned our to be a somewhat basic model, but the Silver Pearl seemed to be outnumbered by Emerald Pearl and Azure Blue models by about 10-to-1. The condition was great and I could not stop thinking about it. Welcome home my friend!

By now, it is almost 2 o'clock in the afternoon and it was finally my turn to sit with Mike Masuyama. I had a great talk with him and he was exceedingly helpful. He adjusted my Lamy 2000, my faceted Pilot Vanishing Point, and my just acquired Edison Pearl. I am thrilled with how all of them turned out. I learned a ton in my short time with Mike, so look for a full blog post on this topic alone in the near future.

This was a very successful show for me up to this point but there was a pen I had spotted earlier that I circled back on: the Pelikan M405. Pelikans were not even on my radar until a month or so ago when I received a couple to try out from Thomas. I used his M405 in all black and fell in love.

Richard and Barbara Binder had the full Pelikan line on display, so I was able to handle them to my hearts content. I did this on at least three different occasions, trying to make up my mind if I wanted one, and if so, which one it would be. Both the M405 models were available: All Black or Blue Striated. I was fairly certain I wanted the black (the green ink window is killer), but the more I came back, the better looking the Blue Striated model became. It was the winner and I am completely thrilled with it.

Pelikan M405

The Pelikan was by far my biggest purchase and just about tapped out my budget. That was good because it was almost 4pm at this time. I was tired, hungry, and ready to hit the road home.

The Atlanta Pen Show was a huge success not just for the pens I purchased but also the people I met and the knowledge I gained. I've said it before and I'll say it again - pen people are some of the nicest people on the planet.

Time to start the countdown - and the saving - for the 2014 Atlanta Pen Show!

Atlanta Pen Show Haul

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