Stationery Travel Notes

Stationery Travel Notes

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I've been on the road a lot lately, and in the sky, on the water, and even on the train tracks. And that means, so have my pens and papers. Where I go, they go, and I've been on the move! It's taught me a lot about how I, personally, travel with stationery, so I've decided to share my top ten pen travel takeaways. YMMV, of course, in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

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1: My magic number of pens is seven. Three fountain pens, a rollerball, a ballpoint, a pocket pen, and a multi-gel pen. This meets every need I might have for a solid week. Now I just need to remember this and stop overpacking my pens.

2: On airplanes, it occurred to me that those fountain pens I had carefully filled and stored upright were now sideways as I slid my backpack under the seat in front of mine. There was no avoiding it. But I did not have even a tiny leak on any of the eight flights I've recently taken. However, one pen friend I spoke with on my travels DID have a small inksplosion in her bag. I asked her if her pen was completely full or only half full, and she said it was half full. So perhaps therein lies a clue. Or possibly I just got lucky.

The Bone Weaver's Orchard

3: Holy cats, I do not need that much paper. I fill paper quickly, but wow. I brought too much every time. I really don't need more than 150 pages, even for a trip devoted to writing. Someone please remind me of this before my next trip. Paper is heavy.

4: A small bag is better. I know. I love big bags! They hold the most books! But that's the problem. Big bags are heavy and too easy to overstuff. They can become a burden when you're running around. I downsized to a smaller backpack for my most recent trip and it was such a relief.

5: On that note, it's okay to check a bag on a plane. I bet most of you already knew that, but it was news to me. I hate checking bags (to be fair, I do have the lost bag curse), so I have always made do with strategic carry-on packing. But on one of my trips this month, I had no choice but to check a bag (yes, one of the reasons was BOOKS), and... it was so freeing. I felt so light. It was so nice to not carry stuff! I'll be checking a bag again on my next flight.

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6: I guess I'll bring some tech sometimes, too. I don't usually travel with any tech other than my ancient phone, but I did bring both my laptop and kindle on one of my trips and I guess it wasn't the worst. Maybe I'll do it again.

7: Ink choice is more important than pen choice. Pretty much all of my travels had a business element to them, so it was important that not all of my inks were shimmery or neon green. Just some of them. I made sure I brought a big pen loaded with plain old blue, too.

8: Nib variety is important, though. I brought a fine, medium, and broad. Fine for notetaking. Medium for writing/drafting, broad for signing books. It was a great setup! And since I had the rollerball, ballpoint, and gel pens also handy, they could tackle any weird paper situations.

Stationery Travel Pics

9: Have that practical selection of pens in a good case, with a workhorse pen or two in a more accessible spot. I had a Schon Designs pocket pen as my handiest pen, usually in a pocket, or in the outer pocket of my bag when my outfit was pocketless (why there are even pocketless outfits is beyond me). The result of which is that I used that pen 90% of the time, because it was easy. But when I sat down and spread out my kit to work, I'd dig into my pen case and pull out the whole family. The case kept them safe when I wasn't using them, but they were there when I needed them.

10: Bring tools you're excited to use. Practicality is best when traveling, but we love our stationery because it's FUN. Be sure to bring some vacation pens even if it's a work trip. You never know when you might have a moment to jot a poem in some sparkle ink.

My travels aren't over. Next up is a family trip which will involve me flying alone with my kids and will require the utmost in minimalist packing. Then after that is a road trip to a week-long work seminar, which means I can bring all the pens and paper. Or I could follow my own advice. We'll see.

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